B2B websites

Planète Vortex Solution

A solution compatible with your ERP

Do you want to integrate your internal management system (ERP) into your web platform? Do you use systems such as LCM Global, MKS, Ogasys, ICC, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics?
We have a solution for you.

The reasons for a B2B site

Understand and adapt

The integration of B2B Web platforms is combined with an in-depth analysis of your services, your products and your internal functioning. Every business is unique: analysis and customization of platforms are crucial steps in our process.

Your project, your product

Your product is yours. There are no recurring rental or license fees; you will be the sole owner. In addition, you will have full control of your digital resources. Updates and other modifications will be done at your own pace.

Agile working method

We operate in an agile method – and you will be the primary beneficiaries. Our solutions are compatible with the most specific requirements and configurations: our flexibility is our strength.

User Experience

Navigation on your platform must be intuitive and efficient. Our UX department, listening to our customers and their customers for years, has developed flexible expertise and will be able to offer you a simple and elegant solution.

Synchronization with ERP

Our team has worked with software such as Infor, SAP, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, OGASYS, LCM Global, Acomba and many others. The synchronization plan can be done via API (web services) or file exchange (via FTP), in real time or according to an update schedule.

Our philosophy

Your satisfaction being our priority, it is essential to do things in due form. The implementation time for our solutions is generally between four and six months.