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Social media strategy
Interaction with your customers: that’s where it happens.

The importance of social networks

Effective social media campaigns

More than 2.31 billion people are active on social networks. That represents almost a third of the planet’s population – and that number keeps growing! The giants Facebook, Pinterest or Snapchat are used to create links between individuals, but also links between companies and their customers. When in business, being on social media is essential. Ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Snapchat can reach a very targeted audience and be seen by thousands, if not millions, of potential customers – and we are not exaggerating. A social network is a privileged place to maintain conversation with your customers, promote a product or service effectively and establish a solid relationship with them… provided you know how to design a campaign with skill!

Proven expertise

Our social media experts understand how the dialogs between businesses and customers are structured via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Spotify, etc. We are able to design advertisements that speak directly to your customers, that touch and reach them. The great advantage of social media campaigns is the diversity of approaches. For each strategy, there are appropriate advertising options. Unlike ads made on search engines, there is a great deal of freedom of form: from simple text to images, via videos, carousels or even interactive experiences. You’ll be spoiled for choice; our specialists are there to advise you.

Formats for all strategies

Social campaigns versus community management

Carrying out social campaigns means setting up an advertising program with specific targets. It is from current data (users of your site, remarketing targets) and potential targets (lookalikes, centers of interest, demographic data) that are prepared, according to a budget and a period of time. defined, campaigns and ad groups. The types of conversions tracked are determined in advance (or added as you go). These advertising campaigns require the purchase of advertising placements on the different platforms chosen. Community management, meanwhile, is a service for administering your various pages on social networks. It’s about creating and planning content, talking to your community – to nurture and develop it – and putting in place an organic conversion plan. Community management does not, at first glance, require purchases of ad placements (although for most platforms content sponsorship has become an almost necessary practice due to changes in algorithms).

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